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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How much for your grandmother Mr. Dein?

Interesting developments over Ashburton Grove way with the news that Arsenal have signed a sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines worth a much needed £100m. For their money Emirates get a shirt sponsorship deal for 8 years and a stadium named after them for 15 years. Which got me to thinking, we could do with a few more quid in the bank and after all everybody seems to be doing it - lets auction the name of our stadium off for a few years. Of course, any name would have to incorporate Valley into its title and we're not to entertain bids from Stelios - Easy Valley it may be but lets not advertise the fact - or Jordan (sorry for this one - Silicone Valley). So what do we reckon, we're not Arsenal, so we're probably looking at being able to command at a minimum say £1m-per-year, that's easy money surely?


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