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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Its not over 'til the fat bloke sings...

Bri-an Cole Brian Cole Brian Cole
Brian Cole Brian Cole Brian Co-ole
Brian Cole Brian Cole Brian Cole
Bri-an Cole Briii-an Cole.

Bri-an Cole Brian Cole Brian Cole..

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


What exactly have I done to deserve this. I went to Sellout Park, I went to Upton Park, I sat in the North Stand on the day we returned to the Valley. I've contributed to Valley Gold. This season I've paid out for 3 season tickets for the 6th year running, I've had my season ticket since before we returned to the Valley. Beyond everything I am so bored of watching Curbs' Charlton, the don't inpire me, excite me, they play passionless, tedious, defensive football and above all they do it badly and quite frankly I've had enough.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How much for your grandmother Mr. Dein?

Interesting developments over Ashburton Grove way with the news that Arsenal have signed a sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines worth a much needed £100m. For their money Emirates get a shirt sponsorship deal for 8 years and a stadium named after them for 15 years. Which got me to thinking, we could do with a few more quid in the bank and after all everybody seems to be doing it - lets auction the name of our stadium off for a few years. Of course, any name would have to incorporate Valley into its title and we're not to entertain bids from Stelios - Easy Valley it may be but lets not advertise the fact - or Jordan (sorry for this one - Silicone Valley). So what do we reckon, we're not Arsenal, so we're probably looking at being able to command at a minimum say £1m-per-year, that's easy money surely?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Lets Kick Parker Into Touch

Right, I'm having my twopenneth. Selling Parker was always going to be the biggest mistake in recent Charlton history, Curbs and the board no doubt realised this but were put in such a position by Spotty, his agent and Chelski that they felt they had no choice but to sell him. As far as I'm concerned, thats it, end of. Curbs is a manager that - as has been demostrated - will freeze out a player for nothing more than a few heated words. I can't honestly see Curbs ever wanting Scott back at the club and rightly so, no matter how good he was for us, he's burnt his Stamford bridges, now lets move on. If we're in the market for ANOTHER midfielder and Charlton old-boy, why not Bowyer, who is a better player and who has been wasted in wide positions at Leeds and Newcastle?

Charity Begins Away From Home

Oh well, 4-nothing away to a rampant Arsenal, whose current side is the greatest club side in history. Cue ridiculous calls for the dropping of Deano again even when it was Euells appalling distribution that dropped us in it for the first and the other half of the dynamic duo, Kish treated us to another half-performance. Gee thanks guys. One thing I would like to see Deano change is his charitable donations - I'd like to see him give 50 quid for every goal he lets in as well as for every clean sheet.

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