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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Poke in the eye anyone?

I've always tried to find a positive in a negative situation so it was nice - after my daughter accidentally poked me in the eye last week and scratched my eyeball causing me several days of pure agony, antibiotics and sleepless days (and nights) - to stay home last night and listen to the coverage of the Southampton game on 5 Live. From the sound of the Valley faithful it would seem there would have been others who'd rather stick pins in their eyes than watch another game like that. Buoyed though I was to discover the Feessh was suffering not too dissimilar problems with his peepers and the Perry had returned from exile, I knew better than to expect anything other than more of the same dreary, uninspiring fare that we are fast getting used to. Is it becoming apparent that the second-half performance against Villa was the exception rather than the rule? Claridge & Co seemed dumbstruck by our performance, unfortunately I've come to expect it. Another positive though, nice to see Deano stick one-in-the-eye for the cafcpicks pollsters and earn us another point.


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