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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Deadwood Stage

I can only think that the handful of Charlton supporters who voted in the cafcpicks poll for Stephan Andersen to replace Deano in goal wouldn't know a decent goalkeeper if he was cast in bronze and stuck up outside the Valley. See that David James, Englands number 1 - he's a bad keeper. When he played for Watford he was awful, Liverpool had their fill of him and he took West Ham down. See that Dean Kiely, Charltons number 1, kicking is a bit dodgy, but his goal keeping has earned us as many points as our goal scorers in the last few years. Look in front of Deano if you want to find the reason behind our dreadful new season away form - Fish, Fortune, Kish, Euell.


Blogger Dooguy said...

Well Deano has been pretty shaky this season and watching Andersen pre-season, he looks immense. Whats wrong with Euell aswell, hes amazing. He runs his socks off every game

September 7, 2004 at 12:06 PM  
Blogger Darcy Sarto said...

Give the guy a chance, we've played 4 won 2 and have more points than manure at the moment. If what Euell does is what you call running your socks off then my nan could do it. He's lazy, can't trap a ball and can't pass 50% of the time. His position is the one that should be given to Murphy.

September 7, 2004 at 9:52 PM  

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