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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Getting Better

Been a while, I know but those of you with small children will appreciate that my precious time can usually be better spent than pontificating on the subject of the beautiful game.

So, what's been happening? Well sadly, dear old Cloughie passed away a great man and great character. The Sun could have printed several editions on the back of Brian Clough anecdotes, my favourite was recalled on 5Live the day he died. Speaking to Duncan Burns one of the presenters recalled that Clough had once fined Duncan £25 for a bad pass he'd made, square across his own area. 'No', Duncan corrected, it was £50. If we could get something similar going down the Valley some of our lot would be paying for the pleasure of playing.

A tough game at Grimsby meant we got away with a 2-0 victory and a draw against ****** in the next round. A tough game for sure, but these things aren’t supposed to be easy are they? The big difference is that it seems this year Curbs is paying more than just lip-service to the competition by putting out a first team rather than chucking in a few fringe players and lamely attempting to convince us that he's taking it seriously.

An excellent point up at St. Andrews and an improved showing against Blackburn on Monday. Nice to see Curbs has taken my advice and done away with the services of the Dynamic Duo of Kish and Euell in midfield. One does wonder where Jase goes from here. Wasn't it only a couple of weeks ago when he was interviewed on the 'big screen' that he told us that he and Curbs had decided the best place for him to play was in the middle of the park? The balance of the side looks so much better with Murphy and the man from Morocco in the middle. And what a joy to see Graham Stuart playing his second game in a week and 'covering every blade of grass'.

I do find it bizarre though that the team on Monday night showed 5 changes from the starting line-up against Bolton, just eight games ago, the beginning of the season when you're supposed to know your best starting eleven aren’t you?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

No more heroes

Talking of Deano, is he the only Hero we have left at the club? Where have our Robbos, Kinsellas, Rufi , Steve Browns, Bowyers, Mendoncas, P*****s gone? HH has some guile about him and seems to care and perhaps Jeffers has the making but too many of the rest seem fit to take the several-thousand-pounds-a-week and have done with it. Even the Valley faithful have had the life sucked out of them. Are we setting ourselves up for a fall here? With an 'unsackable' manager and his 'I don't need the crowd to tell me…' comments, what I'd like him to tell US is - exactly what is the Big Idea here Curbs? What's your master plan? Because from where I'm sitting things have been slowly falling apart since we lost and failed to replace Andy Hunt. Slowly we've whittled away and failed to replace the heart in our side, Robbo, Kinsella, Brown etc. Why have we now got a side that 'couldn't pass water (your words Curbs)' for 80 minutes and more than that don't seem too bothered by it. I could go on - so I will. What's the obsession with goalkeepers? What's with buying so many crocks and being unable to re-abilitate our own walking wounded within less than 9 months? Why does Jason Euell have to start every game? Why did you play JJ and Misbie up front for the closing stages of last nights game - did you think it was suddenly going to work? I don't expect us to win the league, or anything else come to that - but I would like to see my beloved team a) at least care or even look as if they care and b) pass the ball.

Poke in the eye anyone?

I've always tried to find a positive in a negative situation so it was nice - after my daughter accidentally poked me in the eye last week and scratched my eyeball causing me several days of pure agony, antibiotics and sleepless days (and nights) - to stay home last night and listen to the coverage of the Southampton game on 5 Live. From the sound of the Valley faithful it would seem there would have been others who'd rather stick pins in their eyes than watch another game like that. Buoyed though I was to discover the Feessh was suffering not too dissimilar problems with his peepers and the Perry had returned from exile, I knew better than to expect anything other than more of the same dreary, uninspiring fare that we are fast getting used to. Is it becoming apparent that the second-half performance against Villa was the exception rather than the rule? Claridge & Co seemed dumbstruck by our performance, unfortunately I've come to expect it. Another positive though, nice to see Deano stick one-in-the-eye for the cafcpicks pollsters and earn us another point.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Deadwood Stage

I can only think that the handful of Charlton supporters who voted in the cafcpicks poll for Stephan Andersen to replace Deano in goal wouldn't know a decent goalkeeper if he was cast in bronze and stuck up outside the Valley. See that David James, Englands number 1 - he's a bad keeper. When he played for Watford he was awful, Liverpool had their fill of him and he took West Ham down. See that Dean Kiely, Charltons number 1, kicking is a bit dodgy, but his goal keeping has earned us as many points as our goal scorers in the last few years. Look in front of Deano if you want to find the reason behind our dreadful new season away form - Fish, Fortune, Kish, Euell.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Doorstep Challenge

For anyone out there requiring tips on how to launder their centenary shirts current theory would suggest that to avoid the badge, arms or stitching falling off said garment the best way to approach it is as follows:

1. Place your centenary shirt at one end of your kitchen.
2. Take a bowl of COLD water, mixing in a cup of any leading non-biological washing powder.
3. Place bowl at the other end of your kitchen. Should your kitchen be of length less than the required 15 feet you may have to open your back door and retreat into the garden.
4. Making sure your shirt is vaguely within the line-of-sight of the bowl and wave it, gently, in the general direction of the cold water.
5. After a period not exceeding 10 seconds, lay flat to dry on a bed of (red) rose petals ensuring that the ambient temperature or the room is between 19 and 22 degrees.

Other washing instructions are available via the mailing list.

Alternatively, you could take the ill-conceived garment back to the superstore and demand that your money be refunded on the basis that its not fit for purpose. Then again it may have been designed to be worn only once.

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