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Monday, August 30, 2004

I am the ostrich.

Good bank holiday weekend, spent Saturday clearing out my garage. Went to a wedding on Sunday - probably the only nuptials I'll attend where the bride and grooms choice of music included Smack My Bitch Up by the Prodigy (hand on heart). And Monday took the kiddiwinks to Gulivers World which they enjoyed greatly. Football? What football? You'll have to excuse me I'm in denial at the moment, it hurts less and means I don't have to wonder things like, why are Fish and Fortune our 1st choice central defensive pairing for the first, let alone the fourth consecutive game and why Kish and Euell get first dabs on the centre of midfield. Rommedahl, Murphy, Hughes, nice but where's the steel? Maybe we've been spoilt with Kinsella and Parker in the past but its not too much to ask for a player that can put their foot in - or is it. More alarming to me is that it seems pretty obvious what's needed and yet with one day of the transfer window to go Curbs is either dragging his heels or blissfully unaware. Anyway, as I said I'm in denial so I've no need to worry about these things...

Friday, August 27, 2004

Wayne Rooney Ate My Hamster

Don't you just love footy rumours and conspiracy theories? I'm sure you've all heard by now the one involving Newcastle, Manure, Wayne Rooooney, John O'Shea and a tub of I Can't Believe Its Not Butter. Ok, the butter substitute was an embellishment - but you can see how easy these things start. So Five Live yesterday were suggesting the possibility of Lee Bowyer being used as a make-weight in the Newcastle-Rooney bid. Not sure that Curbs would be looking to strengthen the midfield but if Bow was available and fit, wouldn't it be nice to see him driving our midfield again? Or in the turmoil that is Everton Football Club a certain Mr. Graveson won't be too keen on seeing Rooney go and I'm sure his wages and court costs would be less than Bowyers. Only kidding Lee, I love ya.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I think I've found my mojo.

A big thank you goes out to Carlton Cole for leaving the club and to Shaun Bartlett for getting injured, again. It meant we got to see Francis Jeffers in the starting line-up last night. I'd hate to play footy over the park with Curbs. 'Hello mate, can we join in', 'Yes but you'll have to sit on the side for a bit to get a taste for how we're playing'. Unfair I know but the point is made. Not having seen much of Jeffers in his short career it was a pleasant surprise to find that apart from being a fox in the proverbial box, he's quite handy around the rest of the pitch as well - reminded me of a slight Andy Hunt. All credit to the eternally unlucky Kevin Lisbie who worked like a dog for little reward. Still not sure about the Euell/Kish central midfield pairing they were both on their game for most of the match but it seems to me that more often than not you only ever get half a performance out of both of them. To me Euell is an enigma he has the worst first touch, is the best tackler at the club and will get you 10 goals a season. What was pleasing to see, was that after Franny got his second there was a spark of confidence in the side that we've not seen at home in a long time.

(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures

All credit to whoever is responsible for the matchday music selection down at the Valley. The greatest rock 'n' roll band the world has ever seen are a welcome addition to the pre-match build-up. Or perhaps London Calling is just a reaction to the extraordinarily inclement weather we've been having. What with the Skids, Clash and Thin Lizzy how about making it a late seventies cleansweep with a track from the smile inducing Rezillos? Alternatively, a certain Mr. Tilbrook released a new album a short while ago, or would it be obscene to plug one of our own?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Getting Shirty

Advice required here, first home game of the season last Saturday vs Portsmouth and took my 4 year old daughter along for only her second football match. Decided, I'd like to spend half-an-hour queuing in the Superstore with a small child. So took her in there to buy her a shirt.
Having found just about the smallest piece of red-and-white-fabric-fashioned-into-a-shirt that they sell, I grit my teeth and reach for the price tag. At this point let me say that as I approached the rack of tiddly shirts I'd played guess-the-price in my head. I started at the extortionate 20 quid and quickly discarded that thought as not extortionate enough and had plumped for £25, knowing as I do how these things work. Hmmmm. Well if you've bought one of these action-man sized garments you'll know what I'm going to say next, oh yes £29.99. My head swam a bit and I may well have fainted but there really wasn't room. Doing a quick calculation, I figured I'd saved myself a fiver by not investing in a programme/handbook - I do hope Portsmouth have the sense to flog us programmes at a fiver-a-throw when we visit them - I decided to join the end of the queue which at this point was somewhere north of Maze Hill. Now, gymnastics, it looks incredible - much unlike the centenary shirt - but just like the centenary shirt I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE POINT OF IT. Racks of these thinks hanging behind the cash desk in the shop, individually numbered apparently in case of insurance claims or disputes over the park in a jumpers-for-goalposts scenario. Why not a replica of the kit we wore in 1905? I digress. So outside the shop my 4 year old resplendent in her new shirt, looking prouder than I remember any one of our motley squad to be wearing the colours of our team. Then it hit me, had I failed as a father? Consider this, her mum is an Arsenal supporter and whether I like it or not, currently the greatest team in the country and more likely to win something in my daughters lifetime than the Addicks. Should I not be encouraging her towards the red half of North London? Perhaps I thought, if I bought her a gooners shirt as well she could support both teams, she is a female after all and therefore allowed to do as she pleases. The other advantage to this is that you can purchase an entire Arsenal kit for a child up to 7 years of age, from the Arsenal website for the princely sum of - how much to you reckon - £23 (twenty three pounds), I kid you not.

Move Along Please

So this is blogging then, feels a bit like I'd imagine dragging a milk crate along to speakers corner up at Hyde Park would be. He goes then, ahem...

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